Private Intensive Couples Retreats

Has there ever been a time when you felt like you were just getting warmed up when the therapist said, “Session is over or we need to stop now until next week?” Most couples who come to me for marriage intensives have expressed a similar frustration. Working on your marriage deserves the privilege of adequate time, space and focus. In order to get to the real matters of the heart, to truly dig deeply and obtain understanding, enough time must be available to explore the relationship, or progress is generally slow.

Having 1 to 5 days blocked can be an incredibly satisfying experience. It allows enough time for deep relational issues to be addressed and potentially uncover viable solutions.

Marriage counseling is a process of change. The clients and the marriage counselor work together to uncover marital and relational problems, examine existing patterns in the relationship, set goals for the changes the client’s desire, and teach ways to effectively achieve those goals.

Whether your marriage is having difficulty or in need of a tune up, our marriage intensives and retreats can help give you tools for dealing with the marital and relational issues that seem unbearable, un-resolvable and overwhelming. During the marriage intensive or retreat we teach couples new ways of communicating designed to enhance their marriage. Couples then practice those skills in session and as part of their evening’s homework. We look for personal marital challenges and teach ways to deal with them. This can help couples take things less personally and begin the process of truly understanding their spouse.

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