2 Day Marriage Intensive

Two Day Marriage Intensive

The two-day intensive program provides you with a licensed marriage counselor. The couple will receive 11 or 16 hours of therapy. Since this program is working exclusively with you, we will make every effort to tailor the program to meet your needs.

Program Details:

  • One couple
  • 11 or 16 hours of marriage counseling depending on the format chosen
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Extensive treatment plan for couples to follow after the intensive

Price: $1,500 for 11 hour program or $2,000 for 16 hour program

Is the two day program right for you?

This program is recommended for couples experiencing a significant amount of distress in their marriage as well as those looking to enhance an already good relationship.

This program provides more flexibility in scheduling and a shorter period of time. However, due to the short amount of therapy time, 11 to 16 hours, we recommend the longer programs if your desire is to work completely through the issues. This two day marriage intensive is often used by: 1) Couples who are in crisis and have specific issues they want to work through, 2) A follow up for intensive alumni to work through specific issues as they move forward, 3) This format is useful for couples who have just discovered trauma in their relationship, such as an affair, allowing them to gain traction and momentum so they can take the first couple of steps toward recovery and reconciliation.

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